Cream of Mushroom Soup

Soup recipes seem to be invading theHONEYhunny’s kitchen like a fierce spring storm lately as it seems that our family simply can’t get enough soup!  Maybe it is the sense of comfort and relaxation that a soup brings into a busy home that makes us all crave it, or maybe it is the beautiful aromas that flood out of the kitchen, or maybe it’s simply the general ease of preparation, but regardless of the reason why it is dominating our household, I feel the need to share another one of our favourites with all of you!  Even my mushroom-despising daughter loves it and panicked last night that there would be no leftovers for her as she saw the pot of soup being quickly depleted!

~ theHONEYhunny

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Sweet Potato and Bacon Soup

I recently met my brother for lunch at Good Earth Café and we both decided on ordering a bowl of their Sweet Potato and Bacon Soup…after all, who can turn down anything with bacon in it?!  I had been told by a coworker that Good Earth makes amazing soups, but I wasn’t fully prepared for just how good this soup would be. Creamy, velvety, flavourful, rich…absolute deliciousness [drool!]!  While it was extremely satisfying and most filling, I left immediately craving another bowl so knew I’d have to try to replicate their recipe…here’s my version of Good Earth’s Sweet Potato and Bacon Soup…

~ theHONEYhunny

theHONEYhunny Blog - Sweet Potato and Bacon Soup2

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Tomato Herb Soup

I’m confident that is the BEST TOMATO SOUP YOU’LL EVER EAT, but I have to admit to having a little bit of a love/hate relationship with it…

I love:

  • How fast and easy it is to make.  Without doubt the simplest soup I think I’ve ever made…would be a great recipe for someone who is intimidated in the kitchen to try.
  • That both my husband and daughter enjoy it (it’s safe to say that they both have a love/love relationship with this soup!).  Getting praises from both of them forces me to give this recipe high accolades as is not an easy task to appease both of their distinctly different palates some days!
  • Its complex and satisfying layers of flavours that begin to build as soon as the herbs and garlic infuse the olive oil.
  • The comforting aroma that fills your kitchen as it is simmering on the stove.
  • How you can freeze the leftovers and the taste and texture are just as good when rewarmed as they were fresh on the first day.
  • No preservatives.  [Insert BIG love for this one!]
  • Quick cleanup.
  • Ingredients are all usually stocked in my pantry so no special trip to the grocery store required.

I hate:

  • Being asked by my daughter to have it for lunches and suppers ALL THE TIME. However I must say that you know a soup is extraordinarily good when your 8 year old daughter: 1) asked for it for her special birthday supper when given the chance to pick absolutely ANYTHING she wanted (yes, we enjoyed a bowl of this homemade tomato soup with a half an avocado each on the side, also at her request, for her birthday this past month!), and 2) when she’s guaranteed to suggest it given any opportunity to participate in menu planning.
  • How I’m now seen as being inferior in my culinary skills to my sister, who is now seen as some kind of “superhero chef-allstar” through the eyes of my daughter as she was the one who introduced our family to this recipe!  Don’t worry, I’ll get over it ;)

Happy cooking and enjoy the dance your tastebuds will be doing as you take your first spoonful.  I hope that you will all become “superhero chef-allstars” in the eyes of your loved ones after introducing them to this new recipe!

~ theHONEYhunny

theHONEYhunny Blog - Tomato Herb Soup

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Blogroll Recipe Review: Spicy Chicken Thighs With Sweet & Tangy Honey Glaze by Once Upon A Chef

You can now call me theMrs.HONEYhunny!!!  God has truly spoiled me and I’m excited to share with you that I’m now officially married to the man of my dreams.  We had our wedding back in June but since then I’ve taken a hiatus from blogging as life simply has been too busy balancing day to day activities, my full-time job, moving homes, and with the added duties that come with being a wife and mom to prioritize some of my hobbies that I once had a passion for doing.

Recently, however, my incredibly supportive husband has lovingly encouraged me to start re-pursuing things that make me happy so I’ve committed to set a bit of time aside each month to post new recipes in hopes that it will inspire me to create and try new recipes and flavours for me and my new family to enjoy and will force me to rediscover my creativity in the kitchen once again.

theHONEYhunny Blog - Wedding Photograph

I have to admit that for tonight’s main dish, it didn’t take much convincing for me to try this new chicken recipe as it had my favourite ingredient (you guessed it…HONEY!) right in its title and because I had all the ingredients on hand, which is always a bonus!  While I was tempted immediately to give it a try, I wasn’t prepared for how much BOTH my husband and daughter with their differing palates would enjoy it.  Definitely a solid 4.5 star recipe, in my opinion, and one I’d not hesitate to make again.

While the chicken on it’s own proved to be a little bit too spicy for a soon-to-be-8-year-old (I used the full amount of cayenne), she “happily” ate it (a.k.a. without any grumbling!) when it was dipped in the garlic parmesan cauliflower purée that I had made for a side dish, and, by the end of supper, she surprisingly even asked if we could have it again for dinner tomorrow night!  My husband, who generally isn’t a fan of leftovers/having the same meal two nights in a row, said that he’d eat this dish “every night of the week”…definitely happy to have doubled this recipe!

~ theMrs.HONEYhunny ;)

theHONEYhunny Blog - Spicy Chicken Thighs With Sweet & Tangy Honey Glaze

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Chocolate Chip Cookies

Excited might be an understatement for how I felt standing in the grocery store aisle a couple weeks ago when I found chocolate chips sweetened with styvia (Krisda Chocolate Chips) as I have looked high and low in the past since starting on my healthy eating journey trying to find a sugar-free chocolate chip.  Is there is any better thing to do after finding the perfect chocolate chip than to make homemade chocolate chip cookies?!!! Actually I can think of just one thing is better than that…doing it with kids!  This is the perfect recipe to follow with little ones…lots of kid-friendly steps!

For this task I enlisted my “baker-extraordinare” 7 year old soon-to-be daughter and my almost 3 year old soon-to-be niece and we had a girls’ baking afternoon as my soon-to-be 1 year old niece tore around under our feet on the kitchen floor in a mad flurry of activity.

A little bit of a checklist synopsis of our afternoon:

  • The girls constantly sneaking raw cookie dough and chocolate chips into their mouths? Check.
  • Arguing between the two girls as they both wanted to participate in every single task rather than taking turns? Check.
  • Screaming? Check.
  • Tears? Check.
  • Loudness? Check.
  • Chaos? Check.
  • Impatience waiting for the cookies to bake and cool so we could eat them? Check.
  • A messy kitchen? Check (a big thanks to my fiancé for cleaning up after us!).
  • However tons of fun, laughter, and priceless memories that will last a lifetime? BIG check!  Can’t wait for our next girls’ baking day!

Even using “healthy” (okay “healthier” as I can’t say they are actually good for you!) ingredients, these cookies turned out fantastic and were just what every chocolate chip cookie should be complete with slightly crispy edges, soft and chewy centres, and the perfect sweetness.  Seriously addicting…ask my fiancé…he admitted that he ate 5 that first night!  Best part is that they are only 119 calories per serving…I think that is pretty good for a cookie!

~ theHONEYhunny

theHONEYhunny Blog - Chocolate Chip Cookies (1)

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Curried Red Lentil and Butternut Squash Soup

Where does time go and fly by to?!!!  What a whirlwind of events since my last blog posting in August including getting ENGAGED (!!!) to the man of my dreams and inheriting an instant family (as he has adopted his very precious 7 year old niece).  This has definitely been a season of change, of travel (have been blessed to go on 3 trips in the past 2 months and getting ready for another), and now of wedding planning galore!  So fun but leaving me VERY little time to keep up with my hobbies including this blog!  Wouldn’t change all the craziness and lack of sleep for the world though!  So happy and feeling beyond blessed.  God is good.

Anyway, I decided to make this soup yesterday as a quick meal to quickly serve and eat in the 20 minutes or so between work and gymnastics class…was going to attempt to make homemade whole wheat naan bread but had to settle with store bought for lack of having enough hours in the day…maybe next time!

My fiancé and I have committed to healthy eating (only h.u.n.n.y.-approved recipes will do!) and MUCH more exercise as our New Year’s resolutions in preparation for running a half-marathon together (the week before our wedding!) and participating in a 2-day charity bike ride at the end of the summer so this soup was perfect as it packs in a whole lot of nutrients sans very many calories.  I think it was a hit…rave reviews from my fiancé, his 7-year-old daughter, and from the chef (me) herself!

I do hope you enjoy too.

~ theHONEYhunny

theHONEYhunny Blog - Curried Red Lentil and Butternut Squash Soup

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Honey-Sweetened Snack Bars

Last weekend we went camping again and my boyfriends’ cousins brought out some honey- and brown rice syrup-sweetened “granola” (snack) bars.  I’d seen the brand at Community Natural Foods before but had never actually tried them as little did I know how delicious they were!  Anyway, after my first bite during the drive out to Fairmont, I fell in love with the pureness of the rich honey flavour combined with the wholesomeness of the other all natural ingredients; after reading the label, I figured it couldn’t be that hard to replicate the bars at home for a fraction of the cost of the bought ones and I’m happy to report that my premiere trial this morning was a success!

WARNING: If you aren’t a fan of honey, do not attempt to make these…my dad is quite picky when it comes to granola bars (he is a fan of the chocolate covered, overly-processed, and definitely-not-healthy-for-you candy-bar ones!) and he said these ones were too “honey-ish”; my mom, on the other hand, said she loved them and gave it a 10/10 on taste and even asked me for the recipe…she too fell in love with the unaltered honey flavour just as I had.

I’ll definitely be making these again – they make the perfect road-trip (or school/work) snack and require no-baking which is ideal for those uncomfortably hot summer days! Feel free to get creative in your kitchen with this recipe and have fun experimenting with different ingredients; simply keep the dry ingredients:honey ratio the same!

~ theHONEYhunny

theHONEYhunny Blog - Honey-Sweetened Snack Bars

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